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2/22/16 Update

Temporary lane shift work has been completed and no work on Route 8 is scheduled until spring of 2016.

Placement of concrete for the Prefabricated Bridge Units (PBUs), which are visible alongside Route 8 at the Exit 5 NB ramps, was completed in January. These units will remain at the Exit 5 site until June, when they will begin to be transported to the Lindley Street site. Once on site the demolition of the existing southbound Lindley Street and Capital Avenue structures will begin. After the structures are removed, the PBUs will be lifted into place to create the new bridge decks. As this work draws closer, additional details will be provided on the projects Construction Updates and the Public Info pages.

With PBU construction completed, the Contractor has focused construction efforts on the forming and casting of the concrete retaining walls along the Lindley Street viaduct. These retaining walls will eventually be filled with approximately 40,000 cubic yards of earthen fill and will support a new section of highway, allowing the current Lindley Street structure to be shortened from seven spans to two.

Within the next several weeks, the Contractor will also begin repairs to the metal bin wall which currently runs along Route 8 SB between Capital Avenue and Lindley Street. The Contractor will begin the repairs by installing large precast concrete panels in front of the existing wall. Then, once the panels are in place, soil anchors will be drilled into the fill behind the existing bin wall, securing the panels in place.

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