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4/25/16 Update

In early summer of this year, the PBUs that are currently in the construction area along Route 8 NB at Exit 5 will be transported to the Lindley Street and Capital Avenue sites to be set in place once the existing structures have been removed. Detailed updates will be provided on the Construction Updates page and the Public Info page.

The forming and casting of concrete retaining walls beneath the Lindley Street viaduct continues. These retaining walls, along with approximately 40,000 cubic yards of earthen fill, will allow the current bridge structure carrying Route 8 over Lindley Street to be reduced from seven spans to two.

Work has begun on repairs to the metal bin wall which runs along Route 8 SB between Capitol Avenue and Lindley Street. This work involves the installation of precast concrete panels in front of the bin wall and securing them in place thru the drilling of soil anchors into the fill behind the existing bin walls.

In addition, the widening of Lindley St has begun. This work includes removing and replacing sidewalk, relocating and upgrading utilities, and eventually the widening of the Exit 4 Off Ramp on Route 8 Northbound.

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