Connecticut Department of Transportation Design-Build Program

The project involves the replacement of the superstructures (beams and concrete decks) of several bridges on Route 8/25 in Bridgeport approximately two miles north of Interstate 95.   Also, included in the project is the rehabilitation of a large retaining wall supporting Route 8 and capacity improvements to two intersections on Lindley Street adjacent to Route 8 northbound.

The bridges are part of CTDOT’s Bridge Program which prioritizes work based on a continuous assessment of the remaining useful life of bridges and their need to be replaced or rehabilitated.  As part of this program CTDOT has determined that the bridges involved are reaching the end of their useful life and warrant rehabilitation.  This rehabilitation is necessary at this time to avoid excessive deterioration of the structure and to ensure a long and reliable life for the bridges in the future.

The CTDOT will utilize the Design-Build contract delivery method to decrease the time it takes to design and build the project.   Accelerated Bridge Construction Techniques are also being utilized to reduce the time of construction and thus the impact of the project on road users and local citizens. 

The accelerated technique being proposed is the use of prefabricated modular steel beam units that will be fabricated off site and installed rapidly during a short road closure.  By using these techniques, the major portion of the project construction will be reduced from 2 years to one summer.  The plan is to reduce the lane closure and stage construction periods that would impact the travel lanes on Route 8/25 from two years to two periods of approximately 14 days each.


A new method of contracting is being instituted for this project called “Design-Build”. This is a process that is different than typical projects for the CTDOT, where projects are designed by an engineering team, publicly bid and then built by a contractor.

In Design-Build contracting, a preliminary design is completed by the CTDOT, and then a public bid is held for the final design and construction of the project, by a Design-Build Team. This process saves time in the project development process and allows for innovation by the Design Build Team.

Route 8/25 over Lindley Street and Capitol Avenue

The bridges carry Route 8/25 over Lindley Street and Capitol Avenue. There are two bridges at each location (one northbound and one southbound), separated by a median. The bridges were built in 1972 as part of the construction of the Route 8/25 expressway.

Capitol Avenue

The Capitol Avenue Bridges will be replaced in-kind with new steel beam spans. The seven span Lindley Street Bridges will be replaced with a new 2 span steel beam bridge. The other five spans on the Lindley Street bridges will be eliminated and replaced with earth fill.

Traffic Signals

Part of the project traffic signals are being replaced and additional turning lanes are being added at the end of the Route 8 northbound off ramp at Lindley Street and at the intersection of Lindley Street and Route 1.


Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2015. The overall construction period is anticipated to be about one year but as explained above the considerable traffic impacts are anticipated to be of substantially less duration.

Stage 2 has been completed in 11 days!!! -6176 Days 2 Hours 12 Minutes 23 Seconds