Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bridge being replaced?

The bridges are part of ConnDOT’s Bridge Program which evaluates rehabilitation work based on a continuous assessment of the remaining useful life of bridges and their need to be replaced or rehabilitated. As part of this program, ConnDOT has determined that the bridges involved are reaching the end of their useful life and warrant rehabilitation. This rehabilitation is necessary at this time to avoid excessive deterioration of the structure and to ensure a long and reliable life for the bridges in the future. The new structure will have modern weathering steel beams that require no paint or maintenance over their anticipated 75 year lifespan.

Will the roadway change?

The footprint of Route 8/25 will remain unchanged in the final configuration. The expressway has ample room to current traffic and future increased traffic. There are also no safety concerns with the current alignment of the roadways, so re-alignments are not required. Minor changes are proposed for the northbound exit ramp at Lindley Street. An additional lane will be added to the end of the ramp to make more room for turning vehicles onto Lindley Street. The intersection at the Lindley Street ramp will be upgraded along with the intersection of Lindley Street and Route 1 (North Avenue).

Will there be detours?

Yes. During two short term construction windows, one side of Route 8/25 will be closed for approximately two weeks. Traffic will be detoured across the median to the opposite side of the highway. The opposing traffic will be separated by concrete barriers for safety.

There will be short term closures of Lindley Street and Capitol Avenue during these periods to allow for the rapid construction. Local road detours will be used to accommodate local traffic.

How many lanes of Route 8 will be open for travel?

During the replacement of the Route 8 Southbound Bridge, there will be two lanes open southbound and three lanes open northbound. During the replacement of the Route 8 Northbound bridges, there will be three lanes open northbound and two lanes open southbound.

Will there be night construction?

Yes. There will be two 2-week construction periods where construction will be 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

When will construction start?

Route 8’s bridge replacements will be for two 2-week periods during the Summer of 2016.

More information can be found at our Public Information Meeting, Thursday, March 31, 2016, between the hours of 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM, at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, in Bridgeport, CT.

When will construction end?

The anticipated completion date is September, 2016.

What is being constructed in the area along Route 8 NB at Exit 5?

Prefabricated Bridge Units (PBUs) are currently being built in the construction area along Route 8 NB at Exit 5. In early summer of 2016, these PBUs will be transported to the Lindley Street and Capital Avenue sites to be set in place once the existing structures have been removed.

Why is the Lindley Street Bridge so long and why is its size being reduced under this project?

When the Lindley Street Bridge was built, the land adjacent to the Lindley Street Bridge was a parking lot for the Bridgeport Machine Company. Closure of the parking lot would have left the site with virtually no parking. The State decided at that time to build over the parking lot instead of displacing the company that was a significant part of the Bridgeport industrial community. Unfortunately the company no longer exists on the site, therefore the State has secured permanent right of way under the bridge in order to eliminate spans in lieu of earth fill.

Will Lindley St be widened to alleviate traffic congestion?

Yes. The Lindley Street NB exit 4 off ramp is being widened to add a right turn lane. Additionally, a right turn lane is being added to Lindley Street at the intersection of North Avenue.

What is the purpose of the retaining walls being built along the Lindley St viaduct?

The concrete retaining walls are being built to eliminate 5 of the 7 spans of the Lindley Street Viaduct. Eliminating these spans will reduce future maintenance are replacement costs.

What is Accelerated Bridge Construction and why is it being used for this project?

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) makes use of prefabricated elements to minimize the amount of work on site. The beams and deck for these bridges will be built along Route 8 NB at Exit 5 in the gore area . Once they are completed, they can brought to the site and be quickly installed with minimal impact to the traveling public. ABC was selected for this site due to the high volume of traffic on Route 8/25 and the potential impact on travelers. By employing ABC, the impacts to Route 8/25 traffic are reduced from two years to approximately one month.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is an alternative project delivery method where the owner selects a design and build team to completed the design and construction of the project. This is a good method when time is of the essence since the design and construction phases can be overlapped. This method also allows the partners to come up with new ideas for how to get the job done more efficiently by using the contractor’s strengths.

What is the construction cost of this project?

The estimated project construction cost is $35 million.

How is it being paid for?

Federal Highway funds are being use to cover 80 percent of the cost, with the remaining 20 percent being paid for by the State of Connecticut. The City of Bridgeport is not responsible for the costs of the project.

How can I keep informed about the project as it progresses?

This website will be updated on a regular basis leading up to the start of construction.

During construction, up to date project information will be posted on the website under “News and Updates” http://rt8bridgeport.com/news-and-updates.

You can also visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rt8bridgeport and Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Rt8Bridgeport to see additional news and photos.

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